Weight loss - BIA vs BMI

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Weight loss - BIA vs BMI

Weight loss done in proper manner improves diabetes and blood pressure control and also helps reduce the risk of cancer and keeps you agile.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

BIA measures total body water, excess fat percentage, and lean body mass by sending a weak electrical pulse through your body. Based on the body compositions’ resistance to the voltage, a score is given. Once inputted into our system along with your height and weight, you will receive a report. In this report, the patient receives a goal weight, alternative exercises and a calorie chart. 

BIA detects the percentage of body fat, lean body mass, and water in the body, allowing earlier intervention and prevention of health risks.

(Source: Grossi, Marco & Riccò, Bruno. (2017). Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for biological analysis and food characterization: A review. Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems. 6. 303-325. 10.5194/jsss-6-303-2017.)

Our providers then give guidance regarding diet and lifestyle change and do blood test and provide medications if needed.

In recent years, it has been demonstrated that BIA is a more accurate method of analysing body composition than BMI. Everyone has different bodies with different muscle mass, fat and water weight — BIA calculates your metabolism based off your body specifically. BIA measures more factors, such as fat, muscle, and water, therefore giving more accurate results than BMI, which only measures height and weight.

BIA cannot be done for someone who has defibrillator or pacemaker as it uses a weak electrical voltage and can interfere their function. 

It is also recommended that one should not eat or exercise 2 hours prior to testing as it may change the water composition of the body temporarilty and would not give accurate result. Same is true if you are sick or dehydrated. 

Poor diets and lifestyle choices are associated with 22% of deaths in the U.S. This can be prevented with better care of your body, which all begins with awareness.