Smoking Cessation

Smoking is an addiction that can lead to serious health consequences including heart disease, stroke and cancer. Overcoming nicotine addiction is just one facet of quitting. People often use smoking as a chance to relax and cope with stressful situations. Many people who are trying to quit smoking relapse when their level of stress increases. However, quitting smoking has immediate health benefits that impact not only you but your family, friends and coworkers.

PrudentMD physicians use their expertise to create a personalized, comprehensive quitting plan so that you can live a smoke free life. Our physicians understand how difficult it is to quit smoking and can provide services to help you succeed, including:

Education: With so many different tools to quit smoking available, it can be difficult to pick which one will work best for you. Our physicians educate you on the pros and cons of each tool, explain what to expect while you are quitting and help identify resources that are available in your area.

Prescription medications: Studies have shown that new medications can help some people who smoke quit more effectively. Our physicians will work with you to determine if these medications are right for you.

Referrals: If you have developed health conditions as result of tobacco use, our primary care physicians can refer you to highly skilled specialists to treat and manage these conditions.