Routine Physical Exams

An annual physical exam ensures wellness and good health. Regular exams allow our physicians to perform screenings to catch diseases early and ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through screenings, vaccinations, and education our primary care physicians supply you with the tools you need to stay well. An annual physical can also monitor vitals like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other markers.

Furthermore, routine physical exams allow you to ask your doctor about changes in your body and bring up any concerns you may have about your health. These exams provide valuable time for you and your physician to strengthen your relationship and work as a team toward better health.

Based on your medical history and screening results, we may provide recommendations and resources for improving your health such as tobacco cessation materials, weight loss strategies, nutrition guides, and/or exercise routines. Other screenings may be performed as necessary depending on your age and sex or if you are concerned about additional issues. For example, adult men may need to have a cholesterol test and prostate cancer screening, while adult women may need to have breast exams or Pap smears.

Follow-up appointments may be scheduled if more testing is needed or to discuss test results.

We strive to build strong relationships with you to ensure you understand your health and receive comprehensive, high-quality care.