Laser Hair Removal FAQS


Q? How does laser hair removal work?

The simplest explanation is that the laser targets a specific color. The brown or black hair heats up and is vaporized while the surrounding white skin remains untouched.

Q? Does this mean that we cannot remove hair from black skin?

Actually, we can. The reason for this is somewhat more complicated, but simply put, the laser selects its target not only based on color, but also on size. So the large hair follicles are heated while the small skin cells remain cool, even if they are brown as well. Any skin color can be treated (with the correct laser), but not every hair color.

Q? Is Laser treatment safe?

Laser hair removal is FDA approved. There is no long term health hazard from laser energy used in our system. Laser can be damaging to eyes and therefore use of protective glasses during the treatment is required.

Q? Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes. Treatment results may vary based on the skin type, hair type, treatment intervals, hair color and density. We use one of the best laser technologies and equipments for hair removal. Laser hair removal is approved by FDA for permanent hair reduction. Laser removes 80-95% of hair in the treated area which is considered highly satisfactory.

Q? What areas do most people treat?

The most popular “combos” for women are:

  • Face
  • bikini and underarms
  • Areola, breast, stomach
  • arms and legs

Men will commonly treat their beard, ears, chest, back and shoulders.

Q? How long does a treatment take?

It depends on the area being treated. The advance technology equipments we use are efficient and effective. Typically, a treatment to a full back can be performed in less than half an hour.

Q? What does a treatment feel like?

Every person has different pain threshold. For most, it feels like mild sting for a fraction of a second. The cooling system helps protect the skin and also minimizes discomfort. Most people tolerate it very well and do not need any anesthetic agent.

Q? How many treatments are necessary?

It may take about 8treatments to achieve satisfactory results. Results vary depending on skin type, hair type, contrast, age etc.


Does laser hair removal save money?

Laser hair removal not only saves money but also time and effort. It is permanent and there is no recurring cost. Typically, an adult spends around $100 for waxing legs once every 1-2 months. It totals to about $600 to $1,200 in a year.

However, Laser treatment is a cost effective alternative. The discounted treatment packages available upon request provide even more savings.



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